Apartment Rentals: Technology and the Xbox

When you think of furnished apartments, what comes to mind? Perhaps you imagine an apartment with a fully equipped kitchen. Maybe you imagine temporary furnished apartments with a full living room suit. You might picture furnished apartments that come with beds and linens, towels and chairs – all the basics, in short. While it’s certainly true that fully furnished apartments generate significantly higher interest from renters, particularly business travelers, you might need to go a bit farther in order to make your property stand out. Investing in technology is an excellent option.

Why Technology?

Technology has forever changed our lives. Once upon a time, furnished apartments would be complete with a full set of furniture, kitchen appliances, beds and perhaps a TV. Today, that’s not the case. Certainly not if you want to make your property appealing to business travelers. We have come to rely on technology for everything from basic communications to relaxation and leisure time. Think of how much the Internet has changed our lives. We’re now more likely to communicate via email or social media. We’re tracking our time spent on work projects through online platforms. We spend hours per day on the Internet, whether browsing the wares available on Amazon or checking out statuses on Facebook or tweeting away on Twitter. It’s an inextricable part of modern life.

So, what does that mean for property owners? Simply put, you need to cater to the technological needs of renters with short term furnished apartments. Let’s look at a few examples of how technology can radically alter the “rentability” of furnished apartments.


We’ll start with the largest piece of technology in an apartment (other than kitchen appliances, of course) – the television. In the past, most property owners didn’t give much thought to the TV. If there was one provided, it was low-end. It made sense. After all, it might sit unused for large portions of the year, making a higher investment unwise. Then there was the potential for damage by renters, or even theft. Things have changed today. First, technology is now much more affordable. Even LED TVs have come down in price (unless you’re looking at top of the line models like those curved screen 4K TVs). That makes it much less risky to give tenants something more than the basics.

Renters are also coming to expect property owners to outfit their homes with better quality electronics, and business renters in particular. Furnished apartments are much more likely to attract the clientele you want. Business travelers lack the time and money to invest in furnishings, particularly in electronics, but they have the same needs as any other renters. By providing a decent high-definition television, you drastically up the ante.

Game System

Think game systems (consoles) are just for teenagers? Think again. Most of today’s business travelers grew up with a Nintendo or PlayStation in their homes, and gaming is not something relegated to their childhoods. Both the Xbox and the PlayStation cater to older gamers (those over the age of 25) with a vast range of titles geared for more adult tastes. By investing in an Xbox or a different console, you provide yet another incentive for potential renters to call your property home. You also have a range of options here. You can opt for the new Xbox One or PlayStation 4, or choose to go the refurbished route to save a bit of cash. Both the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 are still available in new, used and refurbished conditions as well, giving you the options necessary to cater to the needs of executive travelers while saving a bit of cash at the same time. By investing in a game system, you also avoid the issue of buying a DVD or Blu-ray player – both the Xbox and PlayStation double as players, helping you further reduce costs with furnished apartments.

Surround Sound

In addition to a console and a decent television, you’ll find that today’s business travelers have a taste for high-quality audio. Most of today’s TVs are designed with a connection to a surround sound system in mind. Sure, they have speakers built in, but those speakers are small, and generally too low quality to do a decent job. This is true even on high-end models with large price tags. A decent surround sound system ensures that temporary furnished apartments stand out from the crowd and give travelers more than they expect.


There’s one element that ties most of the devices above together – an Internet connection. If your property doesn’t have Internet included in the rental price, you need to reconsider. It’s essential for communication, but also for leisure, and allows your renters to tap into the vast range of online streaming services, like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Video and the like.

In the end, furnished apartments need more than the mere basics. Invest in technology and make you property stand out.


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